A Description Of The Blu Cigs Ecigarette

A Description Of The Blu Cigs Ecigarette

The ecigarette is rapidly gaining popularity with smokers. Since their rising popularity, a lot of businesses have been started in the last couple of years to meet the demand for ecigarettes. At first, most of the ecigarette firms were located in China. Even so, there are now several American firms that have began to make and market the ecigarette. Of the American firms, Blu Cigs, which is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is becoming very common with a lot of ecigarette purchasers.

The Blu Cigs ecigarette uses technology similar to other ecigarette brands. Like most other ecigarettes, the Blue Cigs ecigarette is not truly smoked but instead is “vaped”. That is due to the fact that ecigarettes do not burn anything. Instead, ecigarettes vaporize liquid nicotine into a fine mist that is inhaled; hence, the term “vape”. The liquid nicotine, which is contained in a special cartridge, is turned into a mist by mechanism known as an atomizer. The atomizer in the Blu Cigs ecigarette is powered by a modest rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Like a lot of other ecigarettes, the Blu Cigs ecigarette uses a Light Emitting Diode (LED) that glows when a user inhales on it, mimicking the effect of a real cigarette. But, unlike most of the LEDs utilized in other ecigarettes, which normally emit a reddish or orange light, the LED in the Blu Cigs ecigarette emits a blue light. The blue light gives the Blu Cigs ecigarette a distinctive look, setting it apart from other e-cigarettes. It also serves as a cue to other people that an actual cigarette is not being smoked, which is important in environments where actual smoking is prohibited.

The Blug Cigs ecigarette starter kit price is 0.95. At that price, the Blu Cigs ecigarette is very competitive with other brands of ecigarettes. The starter kit consists of 1 ecigarette, a pack for holding batteries and nicotine cartridges, two atomizers, 1 wall charger, a USB charger, and 25 free of charge liquid nicotine cartridges.

Finally, the liquid nicotine cartridges from Blu Cigs come in several diverse flavors. Flavors include tobacco, coffee, cherry, vanilla, and menthol.

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