JSB: Manufacturer of Vapourettes Electronic Cigarettes

JSB: Manufacturer of Vapourettes Electronic Cigarettes

JSB is one of largest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. Many vapourette electronic cigarette organizations acquire supplies from them such as, to name but a few, vapourettes.com, BLU, ICIG, E-lites, Volcano, Skycig, Greenarettes.

Their electronic cigarettes perform well, being long-lasting, and are mainly for men and women beginning on electronic cigarettes. They also manufacture the Vgo, though, which is created for heavy cigarette users as it has a big battery that can support whole day vaping. Incidentally, “vaping” is a new word as far as electronic cigarettes are concerned which I will discuss in a lot more detail in a separate  article.

The major purpose of this write-up is to mention the 2 varieties of electronic cigarettes that JSB manufactures which are the Vgo and the J510.

The Vgo is an extremely good electronic cigarette in many approaches, but what lets it down are only 2 minor issues. The atomizer is quite a great one, indeed, and does last a lengthy time – considering other atomizers – even so, the cartridges are the issue in a minor way, I would say. The JSB Vgo cartridge is slightly bigger than the typical 510 cartridge, so when you want to replace cartridges on the Vgo, you have to purchase the JSB cartridge and not any other cartridge. The way around that is to wait till the atomizer dies, which happens after a month or so of use, and replace it with a standard 510 atomizer — preferably a Boge tech or Joye (both available from several sites such as vapourettes.com) as they are the far more dependable 510 atomizers I have come across as I have had my fair share of badly manufactured atomizers.
The second slight problem with the Vgo is the way the cone attaches to the battery. Other electronic cigarettes or personal vaporisers of that kind, have cones that actually screws onto the battery rather than just slot in. It very much depends on the batch you receive since for some, the cone does not attach correctly to the battery and keeps slipping off. The way around it is to just put a thin piece of paper to secure it. Luckily, due to the battery being long-lasting one, it can last up to a whole day. The battery is 720mAh which is impressive for a device of that size.

January 2010: I received an email from JSB yesterday and thankfully, I had the news that they have modified the cone of the Vgo and is now a screw-on sort which is wonderful news. They also have introduced distinct versions of the Vgo, too.

JSB also manufactures the well-recognized 510, which is amongst the very best electronic cigarettes around. In the cartridge department, we have the same issue as the J510 uses precisely the same atomiser as the Vgo. I would often advise that when purchasing 510’s, constantly go for a manual one rather than auto ones as the manual tends to perform far better most times.

What JSB has done well with the J510 is the button of the manual switch ones. It is a lovely searching device as they made the manual button nearly flush so it does not protrude as all the other 510’s on the market. Regrettably, it is rather awkward to operate as it is too recessed and flush with the battery.

Apart from the 2 flaws I have mentioned about the JSB Vgo and J510, these 2 models perform quite well —  really well-built and durable.

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