Review E-Cigarettes and Electronic Smoking Devices – How it Works

This electronic cigarette smoking device looks like cigarettes, feels like cigarettes, and TASTES like cigarettes — but is it a cigarette? No need to quit smoking! Save money on smoking cigarettes! Enjoy your nicotine free of the 4000+ harmful chemicals and carcinogens found in regular cigarettes. With no second-hand smoke, you can smoke inLife electronic cigarettes virtually anywhere regular cigarettes are banned — bars, restaurants, hospitals, courtrooms, and even airports and airplanes! This is the ALTERNATIVE to smoking regular cigarettes that are FULL of chemicals and pollutants. Get rid of the smell in your home and your clothes and your car while still enjoying smoking!

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22 comments to Review E-Cigarettes and Electronic Smoking Devices – How it Works

  • amazinghealth444

    The electronic cigarette DOES NOT ‘add more’ smokers. Lots of people are able to use it to help them quit smoking. Also, the nicotine comes from egg plant and peppers which makes it a NON-TOBACCO product. There is no second-hand smoke and no flame.

  • amazinghealth444

    The initial cost for the unit is $79.95 — it includes the charger and an extra vaporizer, and eight cartridges along with the unit. The replacement cartridges cost $24.95 for a package of eight cartridges ($3 per cartridge) and the cartridges equal a pack of cigarettes. You SAVE BIG!

  • kikiCar88

    there are many people smokeing. But In reality those are all idiots. No need to add more. There is nothing good about smokeing.

  • ManosOfTerra

    And how much does it cost? A few hundred dollars for the first, and then to keep buying new packets that are probably 50 bucks each, right?

  • tumiboros

    This is fucking GAY!!!!

  • redawson5

    @amazinghealth444 ,

    How can I view or purchase this product?I’ve already tried a copy of another popular brand and the Li-ion batteries are no good after 9 days.They want to send me two new batteries but I’m sure they will be the same thing and are just trying to stall me until the warrantee runs out.
    I’m new to You-Tube so you can email me a

  • SaxonBrit

    I’m a heavy vaper. Is it true or untrue that nicotine alone, even independent of analogs, increases LDL cholesterol and atherosclerosis risk?

  • RATTfan95

    Allsmokers4life, u sound like ur trying to sell these dumb things.

  • midsta

    ‘restoring the rights of responsible adults..’Hahaha

  • Dudlis1

    can make this Electronic cigarettes with weed????

  • warset

    lol the none nicotine cartridge versions are just flavoured water vapors

  • JaDuetschland

    i know read the commments but thanks anyway

  • allsmokers4life

    That is great! Just remember that this brand, inLife, is the only company that offers a SOLID STATE BATTERY! All other brands offer the inferior lithium battery which doesn’t hold a charge very long and have a high failure rate. Also, ours are manufactured in an FDA facility in the USA and no other brand can make that claim.

  • JaDuetschland

    greatest….invention…. ever!!! :D im so gettin one :)

  • allsmokers4life

    RSfatness146, it is NOT designed as a “quit smoking” device. I DO NOT desire to quit smoking. I just want to get rid of the smell, the second-hand smoke, and cut my costs in HALF. You totally DO NOT understand the concept behind the electronic cigarette. It is NOT one or the other since my goal is to NOT QUIT. I enjoy smoking the electronic cigarette. You should try one and see.

  • RSfatness146

    this is gay. you should quit or not quit, dnt just do to some gay fake sig. ur just going to look like a dumn ass. its one or the other

  • allsmokers4life

    It works great! I have been using mine since last March. Totally off the tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine in the e-cig comes from egg plant and peppers but gives you the same sensation. Tastes just like a tobacco cigarette but no tar, no carbon monoxide, no second-hand smoke so you can smoke in areas where traditional tobacco cigarettes are banned. This company is the ONLY one with a solid-state battery — the other companies have the cheaper, inferior lithium battery.

  • vinegar1991

    i heard about this in the radio one night. i was quite surprised someone invented such device. (it’s genius) but does it really work?

  • amazinghealth444

    Well, if it is a scam, I am making a living changing people’s lives and getting them off tobacco cigarettes. Some people just don’t know what they are talking about. I have been using this product for over six months now and the product and the company are TOP NOTCH. It is the ONLY e-cig brand that is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. No other company can say that! Check your facts before you start labeling reputable companies as scams! NOT ALL e-cig companies are reputable!

  • MrStockguy89

    Any1 interested in making some money over the next couple months by sitting on a cheap penny stock look into SFIO. This company is about to revolutionize the e-cigarette industry. Check out this video for a product demo: SGVA7OcZNPU

  • Wexellence

    firstees!!! this is a huge leap in staying healthy

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