Smokeless Cigarettes’ Dimensional Characteristics

Smokeless Cigarettes’ Dimensional Characteristics

This article classifies smokeless cigarettes for electronic smoking by the length and diameter of the device and the performance characteristics of each class.

Smokeless Cigarettes Classified by Dimensional Characteristics

Smokeless cigarettes are classified by their dimensional characteristics. Many are made to resemble real cigarettes known in the electronic smoking industry as […]

Electronic Cigarettes – Smokeless Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

This electronic cigarette video goes over some of the electronic cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes accessories the Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette company has to offer. Some of the products include the Premo electronic cigarette starter kit, USA made e-cigarette cartridges, the pen-style smokeless cigarette, carrying cases by SmokelessDelite, portable electornic cigarette carrying charger, […]